About Help – I´m menopausal

Around 2007 I realised, that something happened in the Chakra System of women approaching menopause, and I started examining the energy in it. It turned out that this change is a gift for all women – enabling us to make huge changes in our lives, get into a new balance and shape the best possible life for ourselves and our loved ones. I have been working with a lot of wonderful women guiding them through the proces of changes within themselves as well as in their surroundings.

In 2010 the book was published in Denmark, and in the autumn 2016 it will be published in the US in an expanded edition. You will find the meditations and some Pdf files under downloads. Feel free to pick.

From the book.

You can buy the book on www.amazon.com, www.saxo.com, online with Barnes & Noble and in all american bookshops.