From Help I´m Menopausal

”Through my work I gradually started to notice a shared change in the energy system of women in their 40’s, some in their 50’s, that made me curious. What could that be? I discovered some shared characteristics that ensure, that we women are able to reach new depths within ourselves, when we are approaching menopause. A lot of women feel “finished” when they first notice the hormonal changes, how the body starts to sag and how they no longer get their periods – and some women sit down and turn their attention to the next generation. That is very commendable, but I think there is more to be had out of life, even in this phase.

A lot of women have spent a large portion of their lives taking care of others. For many of us, husbands and children have demanded a lot of our attention, and alongside that we may have had a job, where we needed to perform. At the same time we are naturally equipped with a smaller og larger need to help (usually larger), which means that we will have had a lot of external obligations. How many times have you put yourself aside, saving your own needs for last and taken on responsibilities, that might as well have been somebody elses? Now that the children are out of the house and living their own lives, and your job or your career more or less takes care of itself, it is your turn to rediscover your inner pioner and bonvivant. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

When we women approach menopause our energy system change, becoming more introvert and providing the opportunity for even deeper reflection. We are given the opportunity to explore the depths that exist within us, and in that sense a huge potential is just waiting to be released. Luckily many women use this time to live out their dreams instead of spending it on wistful reminiscing, and I would like to help you do that too.

Now is the chance to say goodbye to what was, to celebrate what the past has given you and embark on a new cycle of life, in which openness, curiosity and personal opportunity are at the forefront. I want to help you sharpen your intuition through a deeper connection to yourself, to make you able to draw on your full power and energy, and to teach you how to take yourself seriously in a whole new way. Through simple techniques and excercises you will be able to work and educate yourself, through the inevitable realignment caused by the changes that your surroundings and your inner and outer life are going through.

I have worked with women going through menopause for some time now and have been given the opportunity to provide inspiration and release, helping women turn a life crisis into a positive journey and the development of a huge potential that has been dormant for many years. I have worked with women intuitively, in therapy and coaching, with individuals and groups. And all have found new perspectives – new paths and possibilities in themselves. Of course it varies how much we have put ourselves on hold, and of course it varies how much baggage we carry with us, that need to be sorted and released. But we always have the opportunity to acquiant ourselves with new sides to our being – and in this phase of your life your energy system is especially well suited for that kind of development.

This book has been written to provide you with easy ways to find the inner resources, that will create a rich and loving life filled with growth from here on – a life full of inspiration, surplus and the opportunity for pleasure based on, what you as an individual, need and want. The book is designed as a kind of manual for personal growth, and is laid out in different sections, giving you insight into various themes and helping you work your way through the the different excercises.

During the process you will get in touch with old emotions and truths belonging to the past, and you will get the opportunity to lessen and release old fear and energy, tied up in situations not at all relevant to your present. You will learn how to connect with Your Inner Core – the part of you that knows your needs and longings, and works through your intuition. You will examine the roles you have played, deciding which of them, you will want to keep, and which you will want to replace with new ones – and you will be working with your wishes and dreams, and through them charting a way to where you want to go. Finally you will learn how to focus your energy and actions on what you want in your life – instead of on all the things you fear and wish to avoid.”