About Inge Hajslund

I was born in 1958 and live in Copenhagen, Denmark, with my husband. We have two sons – one now living in Holland and one in Copenhagen.

I am a certified NLP Psychotherapist, Master Trained Coach, Clairvoyant Councillor and Socialworker and is registered with the RAB and MpF according to the regulations of the Danish National Board of Health. Further more I am educated in Jungian Sandplay and Infant Therapy.

I have had different jobs through my life – all of them somehow related to contact with people and mostly in the social af psychological areas.

I have always worked with a wide variety of human troubles and therefore have a lot of experience within areas such as Family dysfunction, Abuse of alcohol, drugs and food, Issues of violence and sexual abuse, Crisis treatment, Stress- and conflict management and Personal and spiritual growth.

I run a therapeutic clinic north of Copenhagen, where I treat children, teenagers and grown ups.

I have a passion for writing. As an author, I started early, as I have written for as long, as I can remember.

My first book was published in Denmark in 2010, and was “Det er bare en overgang – genopdag dig selv i overgangsalderen”, – the danish edition of “Help – I’m Menopausal – a spiritual journey for grown up women“.

In the english edition new chapters are added. I have several new books on the table, amongst those a sequel to “Help – I’m Menopausal”.

Inge Hajslund - author
Help I´m Menopausal by Inge Hajslund