Menopause, which for some women is a nightmare filled with hotflashes and mood changes, in this book is put in a totally new perspective. The hormonal changes in the body has a purpose – a higher purpose that creates a shift in the body’s energy centres, which opens up to quite new insights and possibilities. Finally a logical explanation of hotflashes and mood changes – it is just a transition to something bigger.

Help I´m Menopausal is a small gem of a self help book.

Birgit Boye Friis

Danish Clairvoyance Association

The 22 exercises in Help I´m Menopausal are easy and require nothing more than a notepad, time and immersion.

Through these simple techniques and exercises Inge Hajslund paves the way for a heightened sense of intution and a deeper connection to ourselves. This will release your inner resources and provide you with the opportunity for experiencing the next chapter of your life richly, lovingly and in growth and expansion.

You will find no judgemental preaching in this book, but will be led through several cases featuring women who have moved on with their self development by acknowledging and releasing negative thought patterns

Brita Gottschalck

The Magazine New Aspects

Help I´m Menopausal is grounded in a spiritual and intutive approach and contains a series of exercises, that can be done in ones own time. The focus of the book is to teach every one how to focus their energy and actions towards what they want and dream of in life.

The book is comparable with books on personal growth by Susan J. Jeffers, Louise L. Hay, Susanne Møberg and Shakti Gawain.

A very approachable guide book and an easy read which will be useful for anyone with an interest in a spiritual angle on the subject.

Danish Libraries

From the evaluation by the Center of Danish Libraries